MIX Copenhagen
LGBTQ Film Festival 2018

For the second year in a row, I was asked to create the visual identity for the MIX Copenhagen LGBTQ Film Festival. The idea behind the design is based on the strong emotions LGBTQ+ people experience, and how they are connected with bodily reactions – especially when we see ourselves and our lives represented on the big screen. I also worked with the dual meaning of the concept of ‘matter’: it is both the physical substance we and our universe are made of, but also how LGBTQ+ identities matter in our lives, our feelings and our bodies. This came together in a visual presentation of sensitivity, sensuality, drama and reaction.


visual identity, outdoor, poster, magazine, tickets, advertising, layout, final artwork

TV 2
Tour De France

For a lot of people in Denmark, the sound of summer is also the sound of bikes and commentators on TV. I was part of the creative team behind the TV commercial and marketing materials for the 2018 Tour de France marketing campaign in Denmark. We created a humoristic universe, starring an extremely Tour de France enthusiastic family, who lives and breathes all things Tour de France related. I was in charge of photo shoots, layout of all printed and digital materials and making sure the look was consistent throughout all platforms.


art direction, outdoor, posters, web banners, layout, final artwork

TV 2 

For the launch of the 5th season of the TVseries Badehotellet, TV 2 wished to make some unique materials for the release event. I developed posters, and a set of exclusive playing cards with the characters from the show. Since the series takes place in the 1930’s, I made the design with inspiration from old-fashioned Bridge playing cards from this period, but using wallpapers and images from the series.


playing cards, poster, layout, final artwork


TRANSIT is a project within LGBT+ Danmark, that provides group talks for transpeople and people who are questioning their gender-identity.

This project was in need of an identity and communication materials, to make it visible. It was imortant to make a design that was accesible, easy to recognize, and relatable. In collaboration with LGBT+ Danmark and the groups, I designed a logo with a clean typography, but made the letters uneven, to represent the diversity of gender expressions. The backgrounds are made out of colors from the trans- and non-binary flags, and directs the thougts to liquid on a hard surface. I wanted to tell the story of gender being fluid, but also acknowledge the tough reality of existing outside of a norm.


logo design, visual identity, posters, flyers, cards, layout, final artwork